Gerência de Autenticação de Dispositivos IoT Adaptativa Aos Ambientes Urbanos Apoiada em Políticas e Confiança Social


Devices’ authentication is one of the key requirements to provide se-curity in IoT environments. However, current Adaptative Authentication Systems(AAS) employ adaptation factors in an isolated way and ignore the correlationbetween them, as well as the relations that the devices build in the contexts wherethey are located. Those AASs show themselves as rigid about the most compa-tible mechanisms in one given context and do not provide multi-factor adapta-tion. This work proposes GALENA as an adaptive authentication managementsystem in IoT networks, based on social trust strategies, devices’ context, andpolicies. The GALENA evaluation showed its efficiency in adapting and selec-ting the authentication mechanism appropriated for each interaction, achievinga compatibility rate of about 97% with 200 devices and 98% with 400 devicesin all scenarios, with maximum trust accuracy of 0.45 and 0.38 respectively.

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Yan Uehara
Yan Uehara
Software Engineer - Backend at Mercado Bitcoin