Managing Consensus-Based Cooperative Task Allocation for IIoT Networks


Current IoT services include industry-oriented services, which often require objects to run more than one task. However, the exponential growth of objects in IoT poses the challenge of distributing and managing task allocation among objects. One of the main goals of task allocation is to improve the quality of information and maximize the tasks to be performed. Although there are approaches that optimize and manage the dynamics of nodes, not all consider the quality of information and the distributed allocation over the cluster service. This paper proposes the mechanism CONTASKI for task allocation in IIoT networks to distribute tasks among objects. It relies on collaborative consensus to allocate tasks and similarity capabilities to know which objects can play in accomplishing those tasks. CONTASKI was evaluated on NS-3 and achieved 100% of allocated tasks in cases with 75 and 100 nodes, and, on average, more than 80% clusters performed tasks in a low response time.

2020 IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC)
Yan Uehara
Yan Uehara
Software Engineer - Backend at Mercado Bitcoin